Learn the rules: stalling


Lack of combativeness (stalling) is defined by one athlete clearly not pursuing positional progression in a match and also when an athlete impedes his/her opponent from carrying out said progression.

When both athletes simultaneously demonstrate a lack of combativeness (stalling) in any position in a match.

When both athletes pull guard at the same time, the referee will start a 20 second countdown. If at end of this 20 second countdown, even if the athletes are moving, one of the athletes does not reach the top position, does not have a submission in hold,or is not imminently completing a point scoring move, the referee will stop the fight and give a penalty to both athletes. In this situation, the referee will restart the combat in standing position.

Lack of combativeness (stalling) is not declared when an athlete is defending his/herself from an opponent’s attacks from mount, back-control, side-control or north-south positions will not be considered lack of combativeness when an athlete is in mount or back position, as long as the characteristics of the technical position are respected.
Examples of situations constituting lack of combativerness (Stalling)
When an athlete, upon achieving side-control or north-south positions over an opponent, does not seek positional progression.
When an athlete in an opponent’s closed guard does not seek to pass guard and at the same time prevents the opponent from seeking positional progression from guard.
When the bottom athlete playing closed guard wraps his/her arms around the opponent’s back or performs any other controlling movement clutching the opponent to him/her without intending to achieve a submission or score.
When an athlete on foot grabs and maintains his/her hand on the opponent’s belt, preventing the opponent from completing a takedown movement and without attempting an attack of any kind

The penalties for lack of combativeness will follow the sequence below after the referee considers one or both athletes been under the situations described in item 6.5.
The referee shall count out 20 (twenty) consecutive seconds and will perform the gesture for a lack of combativeness(in concordance of 1.4.1), followed by the verbal command “LUTE!” and the gesture for the awarded penalty, as described in item 7.3.1.
 If the athlete has already received penalties for serious fouls on the scoreboard, these penalties will be added to the penalties for lack of combativeness


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