Shodan Quest - Osaka Tsukinami Shiai (Achievement Unlocked)

Success 5 out of 5
So our second chance to get a shodan rolled around at Osaka Castle Martial arts hall on the 7th of September. This grading Shiai has been very good to the Auckland University club as in 2012 Khan, Wayne, Lucas and Andrew successfully got there black belts here.

In Osaka adults only need 3 shiai wins to get a black belt so as we only had one chance at it Chris, Henry, Igor and Vladimir needed to win 3 in a row (I only needed 2 as I had wins from 2012). We all succeeded.

Thanks to Matsuura Sensei of Daishen club for enrolling us and Brian Shaw for helping us out on the day. I won one fight by Wazari (taking it easy after I knew I was up)

and one fight by ippon Tomonage.

Result Caption
The rewards of success.


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