Training report: Jiu Jitsu Chess, side control

We did one step roll for warm up.
It is called chess game.
One person makes one move at a time.
The goal is not to win but to see opening and try techniques that you would not usually use when you are sparring (because you just do not want to lose).

Then we drill 2 recompositions from side control.

Also we went over the flower sweep and a moditfied flower sweep to triangle.

Then we did hip bump sweep and a modified hip bump sweep to triangle. that move was made popular by Ryan Hall.

Topic of the day was side control

We study the concepts of side control based on the drills


We did a few submissions from side control: american, kimura, arm triangle.

Situtional rolling from side control

Then normal rolling

Next competition is on 8th November.
Sparring format will change. 2 minutes stand up (tachiwaza), 3 minutes ground (ground), 1 minute stand up to conclude the round.
If you have any knee injury. Please let me know. Sparring will start from 6.45 pm instead of 7 pm. We will still follow our normal topic of the day for training.
Even if you are not into competing , please remember that your team mates always appreciate and need that one more round of sparring to prepare them.
No matter what.
See you on the mats.

Thursday is NOGI and topic is Knee on the belly.


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