10 Tips to learn BJJ


1. Know why you're doing it

There are many reasons why people start training BJJ: fitness, self defense, sport etc...
It is important to have a good reason for training.
It will help you set up your goal.
Also, when you feel like giving up, just remember why you started training at the first place.

2. Dive In

Find a club that has a consistent training program and attend as many classes as possible.
You cannot improve by attending one class per week.
You will still learn a lot but you will not progress as fast as your training partner

3. Find a training partner

While it can be intimating to start training at a new club, everyone is friendly and open to help out the new students.
You will find it easier if you find someone that you get along with to do the drills and share experience during and after the classes.
It will help motivate and push each other when you lose motivation or you just get lazy.

4. Keep it relevant

While it is cool to learn everything about BJJ (lifestyle, history, collecting gis), remember what  your original goal and keep focus on that purpose.
Stay away from politics and negative leaders (cult and big ego)
BJJ is a small community, do not burn bridges or else you will find yourself training by yourself.
Do not fall for the cult strategy:
The type of gyms that asked for ultimate loyalty, called themselves family etc...
"Teams" seems to appear and disappear all the time.
They just re brand themselves under different images.
Like Renzo Gracie said: "They are just selling their fishes".


5. Have fun with it

Come to training and smile.
Do not get stressed about losing at training.
Do not get stress about competing.
Do not try to cut weight for a competition.
Just enjoy your Jiu Jitsu.

6. Act like a child

Keep an open eye and open mind.
Be willing to learn and receive new information.
As we get older, the mind refuses to digest new stuff.
That is why kids learn BJJ faster than adults.
Of course, do not throw a tantum every time you get tapped.


7. Leave your comfort zone

Roll to learn and not roll to win.
The term roll stands for sparring.
Be willing to accept defeat.
Put yourself into bad positions in order to work on your escapes.
If you do not have a good guard, start rolling from the guard.

8. Listen

Listen to the instructor during the drills, the formal technical part of the class.
But also listen to his coaching while you roll.
Do not stop and look at your coach.
Just keep on rolling and listen to his voice.

9. Watch people roll

Too many times, students are just happily talking away while catching a rest between rolls.
Do  not talk and get distracted.
This is the perfect time to watch others roll and study their techniques.

10. Do your home work

BJJ is not primary school where you are being spoon fed information.
Make it your own responsibility of doing your own home work / research.
Watch You Tube videos, read books, create your own blue print, attend seminars.
 If an instructor tells you to NOT watch or learn outside the classes, there is something fishy.
The only time, I would be concerned about someone trying out too many moves is because his mind is becoming overloaded.
A good option is to watch matches and study people games instead of just only watching boring videos of techniques that you will never grasp.
But I would not stop or discourage anyone to stop learning.

(Bonus tip) RELAX!


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