BJJ lifestyle: seek a balanced lifestyle.

Recently, the image of the BJJ lifestyle had been promoted a lot.
It is clever marketing.
They no longer want to appeal to the young males group that want to learn how to fight. 
Instructors realised that it does not pay the bills. 
Instead of promoting an agressive image, it is better for the business to appeal to a wider demographic market. 
Therefore promoting the BJJ lifestyle is now a current theme.
You can also see the theme: "BJJ for everyone" appearing around BJJ school". 
Some schools will not follow such stance. They still believe that their jiu jitsu is only reserved for the elites that can endure their hard training. 
They are pros and cons of both philosophies. 
Personally I am a great believer of becoming a black version of yourself. 
So why do I blog about it? 

I want club members to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 
By all mean if you want to become a sport champion, you need to train everyday and even twice a day. 

But remember to spend time doing others things. Time with family and loved ones, jobs, studies, other hobbies etc..

At the end, you need balance in your life. 

We do encourage our members to compete but not to the point where they have worry about losing weight to entr a lower weight category. If you are contemplating to do such drastic measure, it is already taking the fun out of competing. 

Do not get stressed about loosing at a competition. Or for the matter, do not stress about tapping out at training. Tapping is learning. 

We do not run a cult or a gang. We are not forcing anyone to buy expensive items or stop members from training with different gyms. 

To conclude, train jiu jitsu and become a great embassador of our art and sport. 


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