Dates to remember

A few dates and events to put on your calendar for the end of this year.

Competition NOGI Nationals on Saturday 8 November.

If you do not compete, please come down and support your team mates.


Seminar at Douglas Santos gym.

Saturday 29 November.
Time: 11 am to 1 pm.
Cost: $30. ($15 for our club members)
We believe into learning new techniques from different instructors.
This is a great opportunity for our club members.
We are subsidising the seminar and will pay half of your entry fee.
So it is only $15 per Epsom Club members.



It will held at Douglas Santos gym
111 Newton Road, Auckland, New Zealand.
Saturday 06 December
Time: 10 am until it finish.
Dress Code: White and Blue Gi only

Joao and Diego are doing the blue belt exam.

Stu is due to receive his first degree on his black belt.

Be punctual.

X-mas Party

Sunday 7 December at Stu house.
Pizza Party made in a wood fire oven.
Bring your own topping if you are a meat eater.

We will provide some beers and soft drink.
I will give you the address and time at the Dojo.


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