NZ WRESTLER- Quickfire Wrestling Tournament. Aotearoa MMA Expo

The purpose of this tournament is to promote wrestling in NZ and is open to anyone from all disciplines. This is a fun tournament and the rules are set out to suit all MMA'ers and wrestling enthusiasts! Come to Club physical Te Atatu to brush up on your wrestling skills every Tues 7.30pm and Fridays 6.30pm with wrestling coach Clinton Davies .
Who will be the first NZ Wrestler title holders?!

Quickfire Wrestling
Modified Rules;
*Two x2 minute rounds
*Win by 10 points
*Take down 2 points
*Pin 2 points
*Turn 1 point (maximum 3 turns)
*Suplex 3 points
Cost: $10 entry into the tournament includes entry to the mma expo
For more information contact Ilai Manu; 021816677 or email


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