Training Report: Mount and Back

Busy week so I am only doing one training report of the week:

Warm up drills (last week and we are having new ones next week):

hip bump sweep, arm bar, fake hip bump sweep to triangle, head snap down to back control, arm drag, single leg takedown shoulder roll, Osoto Gari.

Tuesday was Mount for beginners and x-guard for intermediate


Thursday was Back for beginner. Intermediate was rolling anaconda, reverse anaconda, darce choke and peruvian necktie.

Situational rolling, takedown sparring (aka Tachiwaza), rolling (newaza).

Also, I will have to make sure that our new cycle of fundamentals start Mount on the Thursday etc..

Do not forget to read our dates to remember link

Next week Topics

Tuesday 28: side control / single X guard
  • Thursday 30: Knee on the belly / single x guard / Pukekohe Drags



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