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Seminar at prof Douglas Santos

Great experience for our students to learn from another instructor. 

Training report: Turtle

Drills for warm: Hip bump sweep scissor sweep head snap down double leg take down Topic of the day Turtle Anaconda and Darce Choke 2 rounds of Tachiwaza (fight for the takedown) Situation rolling from rolling Normal rollling This was the last topic for the year. From next week, we will be doing Q & A until our last class for the year which Thursday 18 Dec. We will restart next year on Tuesday 06 Jan. See you on the mats.

Training report: Judo Training

Drill to warm up: Scissor sweeps Hip bump sweep. Igor and Henry (Judo black belts) taught some basic Judo throws: Seo Nage and Osoto Gari. They always covered grip fighting. We will be implementing a combination of 6 throws for next semester. Really exciting to add more throws into our training program.

Online shop I have added a new link for our online shop.

Graduation Dress Code

If you want to attend the graduation, please note that you are only allowed to wear a white gi. Where: 111 Newton Rd, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1010 Time: 10 AM (be on time) When: Sat 06 Dec


When: Saturday 29 November 2014. Where: 111 Newton Road, Auckland. What time: 10 am to 12 pm. Cost: $30. It is $15 for Epsom Club members only because the Epsom club will pay for half of their members entry fee. Topics: Self defense, Nogi and Gi. Bring a rash guard and gi. Please tell me if you want to attend and give me your entry fee by Thursday night. For more details

Knee shield and 3 sweeps

Knee shield guard is when you put your knee against the sternum of your opponent. From this guard, you have 3 options to sweep depending on what grips your opponent is using. arm drag to back take Helicopter sweep also known as Shaolin sweep Tornado sweep also made popular by cyborg.

Topic for next week and important dates to remember

Change of plan for next week topic Tuesday 25 November: Instead of teaching the topic of the turtle position, Henri and Igo will be teaching Judo. It is a great opportunity for our members to ask questions and get great tips from them. Igor and Henry are Judo black belts and also blue belt in BJJ. Thursday 27 November: Turtle topic. Jose will teach a arm bar from attacking the turtle. He control the far arm with a half nelson to set it up this high % submission. Thursday will still be Nogi. The topic for December will be Questions and Answers. Training will more casual as we will wind down for the end of the year. I will get senior members to start demonstrating their favorite techniques. I think it is about they get some teaching experience. Dates to remember: Sat 29 Nov Seminar at Douglas Santos Academy. 10 am Sat 6 Dec 10 AM Graduation at Douglas Santos Academy. 2 PM Judo Competition (BJJ members are invited)

Training report: half guard sweeps

Drills for warm up: arm bar triangle omoplata Topic of the day Half guard sweeps Situational rolling from half guard Normal rolling.

Congratulations! Stu received his official Kodokan Judo Black Belt certificate

It is now official! Stu received his certificate from the Kodokan. Stu has 2 black belts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo). We can expect our level of Judo increase during our BJJ classes. We also have the regular participation of 2 others Judo black belts (Igor and Henry) who are both graded blue belt in BJJ. They are the new hybrids that train in both arts. At our BJJ club, you can also attend the classes of our sister Judo club (for one single fee) and vice versa. For more details about Auckland University Judo club Write up on Stu recent trip to Japan where he had to compete and win in order to earn his Judo black belt

Training Report: Half guard pass and De La Riva guard

Drills for warm up for the second week: Arm-bar, Triangle and omoplata Kimura sweep from half guard Turtle reversal to side control Throw of the Day: O Uchi Gari Topic of the day: Half guard for fundamentals and De La Riva for intermediates. Situational rolling from the above position and normal rolling. Thursday topic will be half guard sweeps in nogi. See you on the mats.

Training program for the last month of this year

November     Tuesday 18: Top half guard / spider guard Thursday 20: Bottom half guard / spider guard Tuesday 25: turtle / de la Riva guard Thursday 27: Questions and Answers / Kimura trap   Saturday 29: Seminar   December Tuesday 2: Questions and Answers / revision for graduation Thursday 4: Questions and Answers / revision for graduation Saturday 6: Graduation  Tuesday 9: Questions and Answers and stripes graduations Tuesday 16: Questions and Answers Thursday 18: Last Training of the year. Restart on Tuesday 6 January 2015 Judo classes to continue during the X-mas holiday period.  


Great opportunity to attend a seminar.  Who and Where: Douglas Santos Academy.  Date: Saturday 29 November.  Time: 10 am (edit) Cost: $15 for Epsom club member only.  $30 otherwise.  Please let me know if you want attend, I will be taking names at the dojo.  Seminar is 2 hours of techniques. 

Memes of the week

Training Report: Guard sweeps and 50/50

Drills for warm arm bar/triangle/omoplata turtle reversal Throws of the day Double under hook and Tai Otoshi Topic of the day: Fundamental: Guard sweeps Intermediate: 50/50 Situational Rolling from open guard and normal rolling (no closed guard allowed). Next week topic: Tuesday 18: Top half guard / spider guard - Gi Thursday 20: Bottom half guard / butterfly guard - Nogi

The history of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Belt System

The original belt system of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu was white belt, light blue for instructor and darker blue belt for the head instructor. The belt system that the IBJJF currently used was created by Helio in 1967. Later in his life, Helio decided to wear his dark blue belt again as a form of protest of the current changes of Jiu Jitsu becoming a sport and other things. Apparently, Helio never wore a black belt or a coral and went from dark blue straight to red belt. For more information:

Training Report: Guard Subs and 50/50

New Drills for the next 2 weeks: The Trinity: arm bar, triangle, omoplata. Kimura sweep from half guard reversal from turtle. Topic of the day Guard Subs for fundamentals 50/50 for intermediate Training concluded with situation rolling and rolling. I am putting an alarm to 6.50 pm as I notice our technique section seems to go over 7 pm which should be rolling. But at the same time, attendance was average so we did not have that many people to roll with: 14 people on the mats. Thursday topic is guard sweeps in Nogi See you on the mats.

Treat yourself for Xmas

Our T shirts designs are ready for X-mas. We use to host our online store. The advantage with having an online store is we do not have produce a minimum order of T shirts and be left with stock of unsold T shirts. Having no stock means we do not have to force students to buy anything. The cost is good and we are looking at NZD 44.09. It includes front and back print, GST and delivery via NZ courier for some model. It is a quick service and delivery overnight as the supplier is based in NZ. I will make more versions of the logos and T shirts later in the week. 2 Styles for the end of the year. We have the vintage black and white T shirt Logos. Then we have a more colorful and theme inspired logo. Nice colors and cool sacrifice throws.

Live by the sword, die by the sword

What makes you happy in bjj will make you unhappy once you cannot get it anymore .  If defeating your training partners makes you happy, be ready for the downfall once you are now longer winning at the gym.  If your gym instructor is bragging about his success at the latest competition, be ready for the downfall when he is no longer the number one.  If you live to part of a bjj team, be ready for the eventual split and downfall of the team.  If you let the attendance of your students affect you, be ready for the roller coaster of emotions. One day you will be happy, taking pictures. The next day, you will be sad and wondering where is everyone.  Do not let such trivial factors which are out of your control affects you.  Live for the moment, enjoy what you have and whom you share your training with.