Live by the sword, die by the sword

What makes you happy in bjj will make
you unhappy once you cannot get it anymore . 

If defeating your training partners makes you happy, be ready for the downfall once you are now longer winning at the gym. 

If your gym instructor is bragging about his success at the latest competition, be ready for the downfall when he is no longer the number one. 

If you live to part of a bjj team, be ready for the eventual split and downfall of the team. 

If you let the attendance of your students affect you, be ready for the roller coaster of emotions. One day you will be happy, taking pictures. The next day, you will be sad and wondering where is everyone. 

Do not let such trivial factors which are out of your control affects you. 

Live for the moment, enjoy what you have and whom you share your training with. 


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