Revamping our training program

As we are completing our last cycle of our fundamental program, I am contemplating at revamping
our training program for the first semester of 2015.

I need the input of every members. It means everyone including our beginners.

This is your club and you have a say in building up our training program.

Do you want to add some more topics?

Do you want to split our classes into different format?

Do you want more gi or more nogi?

Do you want more situational rolling?

Do you want more rolling?

Harder warm up? lol

Do you want to cover a single topic for longer period of class.

Is our current schedule ok?

20 minutes drills, 20 minutes techniques, 10 minute situational rolling, 30 minutes rolling.

Let me know.

I will set the first semester schedule in stone by mid January.

For summer time, we are doing gi on Tuesday and nogi on Thursday.

It should give you time to wash you gi because of the open mats on Saturday.

The first official class will start with Nogi and the topic will be mount

The reason:  the last time we did the topic Mount in Gi.

So far, I am satisfied with our training program.

We did about 8-9 cycle of our fundamentals.

It means that we did each topic 8 times this year: 8 times we cover the Mount topic for example.

The drills have been also positives as we keep repeating them for 4 classes.

I am disappointed with our throws as we always run out of time for teaching.

Also, it seems that lot of people are not interested into sparring for takedowns (tachiwaza).

So do not be shy, come up with suggestions and ideas.

Without members, there is no club so we need your inputs.


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