Topic for next week and important dates to remember

Change of plan for next week topic

Tuesday 25 November:

Instead of teaching the topic of the turtle position, Henri and Igo will be teaching Judo.

It is a great opportunity for our members to ask questions and get great tips from them.

Igor and Henry are Judo black belts and also blue belt in BJJ.

Thursday 27 November:

Turtle topic.

Jose will teach a arm bar from attacking the turtle. He control the far arm with a half nelson to set it up this high % submission.

Thursday will still be Nogi.

The topic for December will be Questions and Answers.

Training will more casual as we will wind down for the end of the year.

I will get senior members to start demonstrating their favorite techniques.

I think it is about they get some teaching experience.
Dates to remember:

Sat 29 Nov
Seminar at Douglas Santos Academy. 10 am

Sat 6 Dec

10 AM
Graduation at Douglas Santos Academy.

2 PM
Judo Competition (BJJ members are invited)

Judo dinner at Tanuki cave (BJJ club members are invited).
I think there a list of the 3 menus at the dojo.

Sunday 7 Dec
Our club X mas party at Stu house: Wood fire open pizzas and beers.


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