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Does religion has a place on the mats?

Does religion has a place on the mats? It started with the famous Jesus did not tap t shirts. At the time, it was more related to the market of MMA fans so it just did not bother me. But recently, there is a new brand of BJJ gi with a religious message: DeuS Fight Co. Now my question is does religion has a place on the mats? As an instructor, should I keep the mats a neutral location for learning of Jiu Jitsu without having to influence and put my religious ideas to the students? It is no secret that some BJJ instructors openly share their views religious and political views on their Facebook: islamophobia, anti-immigrant etc... What type of role model are they trying to be?  Is it just easier to advertise their political and religious and attract students that share their beliefs? Is it fair for the so called role model in our community to be able to influence young members in such ways?  If they post on facebook, do they preach their views du

Time must be hard for some professional instructors!

I just read that this professional instructor made a write up that you shall not promote someone else students! Like he ownes the students! Beware of such mentality, that how it starts. 

Merry Xmas

Training Fee Query

BJJ classes: Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 7.30 pm Judo classes: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm. Saturday 11 am to 12.30 pm, How much: $20 per week via A/P. No contract. Where:  6 Woodhall Road, Epsom, AUCKLAND, NZ. First class for 2015 is Tuesday 6 jan 2015. 

Happy New Year

Sorry we are closed and will be back on Tuesday 06 Jan 2015

Silverdale BJJ

If you live around Silverdale, Check out this club.

Training Report: Questions and Answers

For the month of December, we decided to have questions and answers for all our classes. It is an opportunity for students to ask any questions relevant to BJJ. Also, it gives a feedback to the instructors if our teaching program is lacking some topics etc.. Yesterday we covered subs from Knee on the Belly. Also, we started teaching 2 throws as well: Osoto- Gari We did some Tachi waza and Ne waza. At the end of the training, we gave some stripes. Thursday 18 December will be be our last class of the year (nogi). Thank you for the support.

NZ bjj patches on Facebook Cool page to add your club BJJ patches.

Limited Gi Edition: Silverback 2015

We released the new 2015 limited edition at the last graduation. I will be taking order around Feb 2015. The gi are made for and sold by AMAS. I just get some patches stitched directly into the gi. Gi is from Auckland Martial Arts Shop who is located in Queen Street. The only gi brand I wear for the past 2 years.

Stu gets promoted to 1 degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Congratulations to Stu on his 1 degree. Well done. Note 1: Stu is one of the instructor at the Epsom Club.

Xmas party and graduation pictures

Thank you for the support and hope you enjoyed your year training with us. New ideas coming up for year 2015! Just 2 weeks of training and we have a break. Last training day is Thursday 18 Dec and first class next year is Tuesday 06 Jan 2015. See you on the mats.

Xmas Party

Just for the club members that are not on facebook I decided to blog about our X mas party. Time to start the wood fire pizza! When: Sunday 7 Dec 2015. Time: from 2 pm We will supply beer, dough, mozzarella cheese and tomato base. You bring yourself, drinks and other toppings!

Training Report from Mario: Ecuador and Seminar with Royce Gracie

My recent visit to Ecuador and Seminar with Royce Gracie Bidokan ( is the club that I attended continuously for 6 years in Guayaquil, Ecuador before I moved to Texas for my PhD in 2009.  Then for the next 4 years whenever I returned to Ecuador for holidays I still practiced there as no BJJ club existed in the college town where I lived. Years later as part of our circling around the world, my wife and I moved to New Zealand in June 2013 and it was until October of the same year that I enrolled Auckland BJJ. On October 2014, we all (including our 7-month old daughter) went back to Ecuador for holidays. There was the nice coincidence that, at my old club, Royce Gracie was going to teach a seminar just days after our arrival. This was the third of his seminars that I attended but it was the first one where I did not expect any promotion as I am no longer a regular attendee of Bidokan. Anyhow, as any other expatriate when returning to his country all I felt was n

Training topic for December

Questions and Answers is the topic for the next 3 weeks. Think of a question and we will answer. See you on the mats.