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training report: Back

Second week of training. The topic was back. We did submissions from the back position of Tuesday and back escape on Thursday. Throw of the week was ippon seo nage. We are doing side control next week. Each class will have 2 drills and 1 takedown drills, Situation rolling from position of the day. Takedown sparring also known as tachiwaza. Each training concludes with rolling also known as newaza. Tuesday is GI and Thursday is nogi as usual.                        

New Zealand Girls Grappling Camp 2015

When: 3rd July - 5th July Where: Auckland MMA Cost: $200 (Includes floor to sleep on and food to eat + excellent Jiu Jitsu) for more details, please contact organisers on facebook. past write ups on this awesome event.

We are now taking orders: Silverback Gi Limited Edition

We are now taking orders for this limited edition Price: $180 per gi. Deposit of $90 per gi required by 15 February. I prefer bank transfer but I can do cash as well. The remaining of payment will have to be paid by the ready date. I estimate 2-3 weeks for the gis to be ready. I will leave an order form at HQ. Or just private message me for the bank account. We released the new 2015 limited edition at the last graduation. I will be taking order around Feb 2015. The gi are made for and sold by AMAS. I just get some patches stitched directly into the gi. Gi is from Auckland Martial Arts Shop who is located in Queen Street. The only gi brand I wear for the past 2 years.

Intermediate Guard System for Semester 1

This is an introduction to the more advance guard used in sport BJJ. You need to be a blue belt or invited by the instructor to attend this class. We split the class into beginners and intermediate students. JAN 13/15 SPIDER / RVDLR (reverse de la riva) 20/22 SPIDER / RVDLR 27/29 DLR (de la riva) / BUTTERFLY FEB 03/05 DLR (de la riva) / BUTTERFLY 10/12 LASSO / X GUARD 17 / 19 LASSO / X GUARD 24/16 SIT UP MARCH 03/05 SIT UP 10/12 SINGLE X 17/19 SINGLE X 24/26 DEEP HALF 31 DEEP HALF APRIL 2 DEEP HALF 7/9 50/50 14/16 50/50 21/23 SPIDER GUARD 28/30 DRL MAY 05/07 RVDLR 12/14 LASSO GUARD 19/21 SIT UP 26/28 BUTTERFLY GUARD JUNE 02/04 X 09/11 SINGLE X 16/18 DEEP HALF 23/25 50/50

Inaugural Self Defense Curriculum added to our training program

While we teach and train for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition under IBJJF rules, self defense is an important aspect of Jiu Jitsu. We encourage our students to compete but it is not compulsory. This year, we decided to start a formal curriculum of self defense to our program. Inspired by the Gracie Self defense, it will be introduced with one technique per week. Also, we have allocated 2 weeks for self defense training which we will use to do a revision of the techniques already covered during the semester and will introduce sparring against strikes (with boxing gloves). The 2 allocated weeks will be 17 & 19 March and 16 & 18 June. Mario will be teaching this new program under the supervision of the black belt instructors. Mario joined our club in 2013 from Ecuador. Mario received his purple belt from the Bidokan Ecuador (Prof.  Roberto Bitar Cabezas) The Bidokan is a

Roll to learn

Tonight topic is part 2 of the mount position in NOGI. The next time we will cover this topic will be 31 March and 2 June. see you on the mats.

First training report of the year

Drills for warm up Bullfighter guard pass Leg drag guard pass Shrimping for guard recomposition Throw: Ippon Seo Nage Topic of the day: Mount. Mount retention and mount escapes Situational rolling from mount Tachiwaza (couple of rounds of takedown sparring) Then normal rolling (sparring). On Thursday, we will cover the same topics but in nogi this time. See you on the mats

Training Program for first semester 2015

Training Program for first semester 2015 Note 1:  You can train Judo every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Note 2:  You can train open mats BJJ every Saturday morning from 11 am at 111 Newton Road, Mount Eden Terrace, Auckland. Note 3: We paid attention to the feedback from the last year training. We will be covering one topic per week instead of one topic per class. We will be doing more throws and sparring from standing. We will be drilling one guard pass during warm up as well to help the beginners to increase their guard pass skills as it is only covered 4 classes per week. No much competitions in Auckland so we will hosting some internal competitions as well. January Mount (5 & 8) Back (13 &15) Side Control (20 & 22) Knee on the belly ( 27 & 29) February Guard subs (3 &5) Guard Passes (10 &12) Guard sweeps (17 & 19) NZ grappler NOGI in Wellington (21) Top 1/2 guard (24 & 26) March Bo

ARTAXIAS - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Invitational - List of matches

This event is inspired by the Metamoris concept. Submissions only matches in GI or NOGI. Saturday, March 14 at 6:00pm - 10:30pm Hide Map Te Rauparaha Arena Porirua, New Zealand 5022 For more information ****BLACK BELT - Gi MATCH - HEAVYWEIGHT**** 20 minute match - NO POINTS - SUBMISSION ONLY! Jonathan Bell 93kg (Tu Kaha Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) VS Danny Paw 120kg (Marcelo Lopes Team) Note: 27 kg weight difference. ****BLACK BELT - Gi MATCH UNDER 85KG**** 20 minute match - NO POINTS - SUBMISSION ONLY! Patrick Te Tau 83kg (GSW, Wellington) VS Marcelo Lopes 82kg (Marcelo Lopes Team) ****BLACK BELT - Gi MATCH UNDER 75KG**** 20 minute match - NO POINTS - SUBMISSION ONLY! Alex Scott 74kg (Manly BJJ/Combat Room Jiu Jitsu) VS Jose Gomes 75kg (Carlson Gracie Queenstown) No

Classes are back on

This week topic is the mount.  Tuesday 6 jan is gi and Thursday is nogi.  We will be introducing one throw and one guard pass for the next 2 weeks of drills.  See you on the mats.