Friday, 27 February 2015

Registration is now open

Nz grappler nogi comp in auckland. 
You can now register online. 
Best nogi completion in New Zealand. 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bjj blog to read

Always great to read bjj blog, especially the one that quotes your blog. 

Check out

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Training report: Competition training

New Drills to warm up:

Arm bar

knee slice guard pass

osoto gari

Mario taught the self defence move of the week:
Counter to headlock.

Topic of the day:
We took a break for our normal training program due to the gi internal competition on Saturday. We also having an internal comp next Thursday (nogi).

Instead of doing 1/2 guard pass, we drills game plans (takedown, positions, subs etc..) and also covered rules and point systems.

Training was concluded with king of the hill sparring from stand up.

It was a great training where people could start sparring from standing.

To repeated more often.

Meanwhile, I am off for the rest of the week to Nelson on holidays.

See you on the mats.

Note: For the month of March, we still have gi on Tuesday and nogi on Thursday. However, please bring a rash guard or t shirt on Tuesday for sparring. Your team mates needs to prepare for the nz grappler comp in March. Thank you.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Training program for March

We are doing 1/2 guard passing this week.
Gi on Tuesday and NOGI on Thursday.

Saturday 28 Feb is internal competition at Prof. Douglas Santos. DS TEAM HQ. It is GI only

We will have an internal NOGI comp at our club on Thursday 5 March to prepare for the NZ Grapler NOGI (28 March).

See you on the mats.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Training report: Guard sweep

For warm up/ drills

Technical stand up

Single leg takedown shoulder roll

Grip Fighting fundamentals:
Henry and Igor taught some fundamentals of grip fighting. They have a black belt in Judo.

Guard break from standing

Topic of the day

Scissor sweep

Wing sweep

Situational rolling: guard pass and the bottom person can only use one hand, then sushi train with guard pass.

Last 15 minutes was open mats (normal roll).

Dwayne who is one of our hybrid (trains Judo and BJJ) received his first stripe.

Well done.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Topic for the week: Guard Sweeps

Tuesday is Gi: Scissor sweep and tripod sweep.

Thursday is NOGI: Hip bump sweep and double ankle sweep.

We will have our usual warm up and self defense technique.

Situation rolling

Takedown sparring and normal rolling.

See you on the mats.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

How to find your game plan?

Our teaching program is based on position and action. For example, Mount, back, guard pass, sweeps

We do not teach any blue print BJJ.

There is pros and cons to teaching a blue print or a game plan for group classes which I wrote about in the past.

As we are approaching the competition season, it is time for the competitors to write their own game plan.

You can call it a game plan if you want.

So far, we are looking at 5 competitions until the end of semester 1 which will be graduation in 6 June 2015.

The competitions consists of 2 internal, 1 at the HQ, 2 NZ Grapplers which are the "big one".

Now back to the game plan, it is easy.

To start with, decide if you want to fight for the takedown or pull guard.

The last option is to be a counter fighter but I think it is too complicated and you are likely to end dreaming during your match.

So learn one takedown that you will use, master it, drill it, use it all the time.

Ask Stu and myself for feedback etc..

If you are a guard puller, learn how to pull properly as you do not want to give away 2 points or ever worst, you do not want to end up getting your guard pass during the process of pulling guard.

Then you have one guard pass, one sweep which you need to add to your game plan.

Do not forget to score points as it is usually the competitor that leads by points that is likely to win.

Submissions are over rated.

You want to win.

Win it via points.

Next comp is in 2 weeks, let's start to prepare.

See you on the mats.


Friday, 13 February 2015

Competition Dates

Training report: Guard Pass (part 2) and X guard

Our usual drills for warm up: Beijao, guard break standing and shoulder roll single leg takedown.

Topic of the day

Part 2 of guard pass for beginners

X guard for intermediate

Situation Rolling from guard

Takedown sparring

Normal rolling

Next week topic are Guard sweeps, Lasso guard and X guard.

As Stu will be away next week, I might combine both group.

See you on the mats.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

White Belt BJJ: What Am I Supposed To Do In Guard?

Hybrid Program

We have some students that trains in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

They have great throws and ground skills derived from training in both styles.

Also, they can compete and be promoted in both arts.

For the Judo training details, see our sister link

We can train in both arts under the same roof/Dojo for one fee.

See you on the mats.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Training report: Guard Pass

Drills for warm up:

Inversion Drills

Standing guard break

Single leg takedown (shoulder roll finish)

Topic of the week is guard pass.

Intermediate guard pass system: Lasso guard and bicep slicers.

Situation rolling from guard pass.

Takedown sparring (also known as Tachi waza)

Then normal rolling.

Thursday topic: guard pass and x guard in Nogi

See you on the mats.