A sneak peek at some of jiujitsu.net's features

  • Visual dynamic mind map showing connected positions to your current area of study. Adapts and updates as you change positions and can be explored and manipulated as much as youd like.
  • Customized curriculum that can be centered on any move or position of BJJ. Everything can be made into a custom curriculum on the deep half guard sweep and crazy lapel, to introducing somebody new to the art. The curriculum is not static and unchanging (ie gracie university). It can be changed and molded as seen fit by the user and will accommodate it. Artificial intelligence algorithms are being run on the network of bjj to do this.
  • Long video option for people who like more detailed instruction or a short video option for ADD BJJ guys (90 seconds and under).
  • Mirror image video playback for seeing the technique on the "other side"
  • A complete rethink of how BJJ should be taught. Positions have concept videos which discuss only concepts and what the "battle" is in the position describing its general character, how favorable it is compared to other similar positions ect. Technique videos simply show the technique and do not duplicate the concepts found inherent in the position. Analysis videos dissect the associated technique in action and shares concept with videos show how the current technique is similar to others. Troubleshooting videos solve common problems that people have when trying to learn and apply the technique.


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