Brazilian Day Festival - Sunday 01 March 2015 in Auckland - Mount Albert

Great opportunity to see some BJJ demonstration, Capoeira, Brazilian Food and music.

from more details

Brazilian Day Festival is a free family event to showcase Brazil and what it best has to offer.

With the support of Albert-Eden Local Board, our group, Brasileirinho Musicas E Brincadeiras, is aiming to show New Zealand a little bit about Brazil, its food, music and dance.

We will create a fun and unique environment where visitors will be able to try authentic Brazilian food, find unique products, enjoy a colourful environment and get inspired by the variety of tastes, looks and people.

It will be a fun-filled afternoon with well-known Brazilian entertainers such as Bobby Brazuca, Fingamandinga, Braza Jam, Ge Luz plus DJs, Brazilian Divas, Capoeira presentation and more.

A Kids Zone with a bouncy castle and other arts and crafts activities will keep all the little ones busy and entertained


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