Topic for the week: Questions and Answers

This week, we are now completing one cycle of the training program.

It concludes with a questions and answers.

Students asked questions and we answer them.

This is the last week of Nogi as well.

We will only train in GI once the nogi comp is over.

The competitors will be drilling their game plan for Saturday 28 March Nogi competition.

If you are free on Saturday, come down in the afternoon and support the competitors.

Also, all the club members are welcome to come for a drink at Tanuki Cave from 7.30 pm on Sat 28 March.

We reserved a table and it is great opportunities to catch up while eating some Japanese food.

It is a bit of a tradition to meet at Tanuki Cave after a competition.

If you want to have a look at the topics for the rest of the semester 1.


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