Friday, 6 March 2015

Training report: Internal NOGI competition

To prepare for the NZ Grappler NOGI event on the Saturday 28 March, we decided to have a FREE
internal nogi competition.

9 students competed and we split them into 2 groups (heavy and light).

Mario and Igor referees the matches.
So that is great to see seniors students taking a role into referring.

The turn out was not that great and it might be due that some students are not all that keen to compete.

Therefore it is important as a club to caters for all our members: competitors and non-competitors.

We will be splitting the class accordingly for the next couple of weeks until the competition.

The best news is that no one got injured and that is the most important.


Jose won the heavy division

Igo won the light division

Andree won the random prize.

They all get to pick an item of their choice from our online shop.

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