Training report: Questions and Answers

Drills to warm up

Half guard pass
Half guard sweep
Side control escape
Triangle escape

This topic complete our first cycle of the semester.

I love this topic as it is an opportunity for the students to ask questions.

In a way, it is a way to gauge how much the students have learned for the past 11 weeks.

Also, it is a way to see if we are missing anything in our training program.

The questions of the day revolved around the position Mount.

It was asked by a new student.

We are covering the topic of the mount next week.

However, I decided to oblige and we covered this topic.

Mount escape

On the other side of the mats, the competitors drilled their game plan for this Saturday competition.

They sparred 3 minutes stand up and 3 minutes ground.

Training concluded with situational rolling from mount and normal rolling.

Thursday topic will be Questions and Answers as well, but we will have our last NOGI training for the season.

See you on the mats.


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