Training report: Turtle and Rubber Guard

We started a new 2 weeks/drills

It covers the last 2 weeks topics and follows our drills principles. It should consist of 1 sweep, 1 guard pass, 1 takedown and 1 submission.

1/2 guard sweep
1/2 guard pass

We will add the throw on Thursday.

Serge taught the turtle position to the beginners while Stu taught the rubber guard to the more advanced students.

That is correct: rubber guard!!!

All the planets were aligned correctly and Stu decided to teach the dark art of 10th planet Jiu Jitsu.

We had to covered this topic due to the nogi comp and we expect some competitors using this specific nogi guard.

We might cover guillotine on Thursday as nogi comps are usually guillotine city.

Technical rolling from turtle and rubber guard.

Takedown matches and then normal rolling.


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