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Queen birthday sales

Just a joke.  No sales, no gimmick.  No contract either.  Come down for a free class.  For $20 per week, you get 2 Bjj classes, 1 open mats and also 4 judo additional judo classes.  See you on the mats. 

Training report: half guard pass

Cold nights in Auckland. Stu taught Ouchi Gari which is nice follow up from the Tai Otoshi throw that we covered for the past 4 weeks. The topic of the week is half guard which scored 3 points .Next weeks, we will cover half guard passes. See you on the mats.        

Topic for the next 2 weeks

We are now entering the half guard game for the next 2 weeks. This week is half guard pass (because it scores 3 points). Next week is half guard sweep because it only scores 2 points. Half guard was known as the transition position before that inevitable guard pass before getting smashed. Now days, due to guys like Gordo, half guard is know as active, effective and aggressive as any other guards. See you on the mats.

Tonicao and De La Riva

Cool picture of the 2 masters together. For more informations on Tonicao.  

Training report: Tai Otoshi and guard sweeps

Our Judo Throw for the past weeks is Tai Otoshi taught by Stu Ground topic of the week is guard sweep. Serge taught scissor sweeps, hip bump sweep and double ankle sweep Then we did situational rolling from guard and the training concluded with normal rolling. Silverback T shirts are now available $20 See you on the mats

Auckland BJJ Masters competition results 16 May 2015

Blue belt divisions: 50+ Gold: Linjian Chen - ABJJ Silver: Ray Robertson - University Judo Club 40+ Gold: Raphael Balao - DS Team HQ Silver: Khan Townsand- Parly- University Judo Club 30+ heavy division Gold: Damon Kostidis - ABJJ Silver: Joe Hicks - Oliver MMA Bronze: Pete Watts - Submission Takapuna BJJ 40+ heavy division Gold: Honihana Reihana - Clinch BJJ Silver: Matthew Perkins - Ground Control BJJ Bronze: Aidan Lovelock - Oliver MMA 30+ light division Gold: Clinton Davies - Tukaha BJJ Silver: Vahid Unesi - Oliver MMA Bronze: Raphael Balao - DS Team HQ White belt divisions: 40+ Gold: Darren Cantwell - Zero Gravity BJJ Silver: John Turner - ABJJ Bronze: Sungho Jung - Submission Takapuna BJJ 30 + light Gold: Christian Quadros - DS Team HQ Silver: William Tongaibeia - Clinch BJJ Bronze: Joe Gallacher - Zero Gravity BJJ 30+ medium Gold: Altus - DS Team silverdale Silver: Parker Mason - Tukaha BJJ Bronze: Gerhard Moedyk - ABJJ 30+ Heav

Free tape for club members and videos on how to tape your fingers

The club have purchased some tapes for wrapping your fingers and wrists etc.. Please use them during training, it is free.

Training report: Judo Throws and Guard Pass

Stu is back from Japan and taught some throws. Then he took the competitors through competition rules and drills for the saturday event. Meanwhile Serge continued on part 2 of the guard pass topic. Then we did situational rolling from guard and normal rolling. Next week topic is guard sweeps See you on the mats.

Training report: Guard Pass

Judo throws O goshi Tai Otoshi Topic of the week: Guard pass T shirts Silverbacks are now on sale $20

Last Call for Masters Competition

We have many clubs that have entered: Tukaha, DS Team, City BJJ, Zero Gravity, Submission Takapuna, Oliver MMA, Clinch, University Judo Club, Ground Control, Rotorua BJJ. Thanks for the support. We almost reached maximum capacity. But we still have a few slots left if anyone is interested. We are looking for particular competitors: 35-39 years old white belt between 82-92 kg ( 1 person). Blue belt 30-39. under 71 kg (2 persons). Blue belts 40+ under 80 kg (2 persons). White belt 40+. we need to match up a white belt 46 years old around 73 kg. 1 year training. just looking for some experience in first master comp. Please email

Training report: Throws and Triangle

Part 2 of our guard submission week. Igor went over more in details with the Judo throws of the week: Ogoshi and Tai Otoshi Then we cover the triangle submission Then Triangle defense Training concluded with 30 minutes of sparring. We will like to congratulate Ben (B.A with honor) and Lona (B.S.C) on their latest academic achievements. Well done Also Igor will be departing for a well deserved holidays to his home town Rio de Janeiro. Have a good Trip! Obrigado

4 dates to put in your calender

4 week-ends to put in your calendar Auckland Masters competition which we are hosting at our Dojo. Saturday 16 May from 12 pm NZ Grappler GI competition on Sunday 24 May. BJJ seminar with Professor Douglas Santos on Saturday 30 May Graduation on Saturday 06 June

Topic for tonight

Tonight topics: Triangle and part 2 of Judo Clinic with  Igor Goulart . See you on the mats 


We will like to congratulate Oliver MMA on their new affiliation to the American Top Team.

Training report: Guard Subs and Judo strategies

New drills for warm up Hip Throw - O Goshi Tai Otoshi Topic of the day: Guard Subs Serge taught the arm bar and arm bar defense to the beginners while Igor took the rest of the classes and taught Judo for BJJ competition. First edition: Silverbacks T shirts pre sale.  ‪#‎ limitededition‬ . We are now taking order for our t shirt inspired by the DS team logo. $20 each. I would appreciate if you can pay the $20 up front for your order. Cheers. See you on the mats

Federation in New Zealand

The latest story is that a NZ Federation is trying to attract the BJJ community to join their Federation. While, I like some of the standards that they have created for their federation. I can see some problems lurking in the future. All the dodgy BJJ instructors will gladly join them as long as their new membership makes them look legit. Also, they will be certifying black belts as well!! That could possibly open the flood gates of trouble in such small communities. Good thing, I am certified by the IBJJF and just renewed my annual membership card. Your instructor needs to certified and member of the IBJJF if you want to compete in IBJJF events and also being a member of the IBJJF. Otherwise, IBJJF would not recognise any other federations.

Training topics for the week

For the 3 weeks, the beginner program will be centered around the guard This week topic is guard subs. Next week, guard passes etc.. For the next 3 classes, Igor will also teach Judo strategies for our competitors and intermediates students. See you on the mats.