Auckland BJJ Masters competition results 16 May 2015

Blue belt divisions:


Gold: Linjian Chen - ABJJ
Silver: Ray Robertson - University Judo Club


Gold: Raphael Balao - DS Team HQ
Silver: Khan Townsand- Parly- University Judo Club

30+ heavy division

Gold: Damon Kostidis - ABJJ
Silver: Joe Hicks - Oliver MMA
Bronze: Pete Watts - Submission Takapuna BJJ

40+ heavy division

Gold: Honihana Reihana - Clinch BJJ
Silver: Matthew Perkins - Ground Control BJJ
Bronze: Aidan Lovelock - Oliver MMA

30+ light division

Gold: Clinton Davies - Tukaha BJJ
Silver: Vahid Unesi - Oliver MMA
Bronze: Raphael Balao - DS Team HQ

White belt divisions:


Gold: Darren Cantwell - Zero Gravity BJJ
Silver: John Turner - ABJJ
Bronze: Sungho Jung - Submission Takapuna BJJ

30 + light

Gold: Christian Quadros - DS Team HQ
Silver: William Tongaibeia - Clinch BJJ
Bronze: Joe Gallacher - Zero Gravity BJJ

30+ medium

Gold: Altus - DS Team silverdale
Silver: Parker Mason - Tukaha BJJ
Bronze: Gerhard Moedyk - ABJJ

30+ Heavy

Gold: Beez Ngarino Watt - Tukaha
Silver: Vini Leal - DS Team HQ
Bronze: Ari Panzer - ABJJ
Bronze: Leon Lockheart - ABJJ

Team Results

DS Team - 63
Tukaha BJJ - 27
Clinch BJJ - 12
Zero Gravity BJJ - 10
Oliver MMA - 6
University Judo Club - 6
Submission Takapuna BJJ - 3
Ground Control - 3


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