Last Call for Masters Competition

We have many clubs that have entered: Tukaha, DS Team, City BJJ, Zero Gravity, Submission
Takapuna, Oliver MMA, Clinch, University Judo Club, Ground Control, Rotorua BJJ.
Thanks for the support.

We almost reached maximum capacity.
But we still have a few slots left if anyone is interested.

We are looking for particular competitors:

35-39 years old white belt between 82-92 kg ( 1 person).

Blue belt 30-39. under 71 kg (2 persons).

Blue belts 40+ under 80 kg (2 persons).

White belt 40+. we need to match up a white belt 46 years old around 73 kg. 1 year training. just looking for some experience in first master comp.

Please email


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