Monday, 22 June 2015

Our training program for semester 2

I just completed the training program for rest of the year.

It is for the beginners.

We usually split the class and teach something more advanced the more advanced students.

For example, if it is the week of mount, we will teach S mount to the more advanced students.

If it is 1/2 guard week, we will teach deep 1/2 half guard for the advanced students.

In Epsom, we like to be plan ahead and we have a  teaching plan for 6 months in advance.

It insures that we cover as many positions and actions as possible but also we cover each topic twice per semester.

There is no rush as one topic is for 2 classes which repeats twice over the semester.

So do not worry if you missed a class, we will cover the same topic on the next rotation for topics.

Also our friendly instructors are always available to go over topics if you missed out or have questions.

If you want to start to learn BJJ, come down for a free class.

For our semester program, see the below link.

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