Training report: Mount and S mount

First class of our new cycle for semester 2.

Topic of the week was Mount for fundamentals and S mount for the more advanced members.

Tuesday was Mount escapes and concepts

Thursday was Mount submissions such as Americana and arm bar.

We had the usual situational rolling from the weekly week (Mount).

Couple of rounds of Tachi waza (fight for takedown).

Then each training concluded with normal rolling (ne waza).


Also we have the opportunity to compete in a submission only even next month.

We do not talk too much about competition during classes.

We rather concentrate on teaching.

So if you want to compete, do not wait for the instructors to mention it.

Grab the opportunity and enter.

Please let us know as we need to free our week end to corner you and also prepare you as well.

Also we are taking orders for our silverback hoodies

Silverbacks hoodie for sale. Pre order only. $40. Inspired by the DS Team logo. Taking orders now. The hoodie is top quality: AS colour brand.

Open mats and competition training. Every Saturday at DS Team HQ from 11 am.111 Newton Road, Auckland, New Zealand. See you on the mats


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