How to improve your Jiu Jitsu skills?

Take control of your learning.

Learn the name of every techniques (sweeps, positions, guards, submissions etc..).

Create a game plan/blue print and use it for sparring.

Analyse the success or failure of your game plan and how you can improve it.

Self analysing can be difficult. So do not hesitate to talk to your instructors and other students. We all have been the up and downs of the learning curve in BJJ. I am sure you can provide you feedback and ideas.

Watch and learn from videos online.
I put videos on our training reports for that purpose.
The idea is not to expect to be spoon fed information like you were in primary school.
I think the videos are great additional tool for learning.
They were not available when I started learning BJJ.

Also a new trend of BJJ videos are coming out which are more concept base than technical based.

Now, one of the pitfalls of watching too many videos or trying to incorporate too many new techniques in your game plan is apparent.
Try to stick to a simple game plan and work from there as you are building the foundation.

After a while, you will notice that you will succeed on your game plan.

But the success will be short lived as your sparring partners will catch on your game plan and will start developing counters to it.
For example, at one time my scissor sweep was awesome until everyone took notice and start to sprawl as soonest I tried to set it up.
It forced me to adapt and I had to come up with a new sweep. It was great because this is how I build an arsenal of techniques. This is what I call BJJ technical warfare.

Our classes are based on a cycle of 12 topics to help out figuring Jiu Jitsu via positions and actions.
Positions are Mount, Back, Side Control, Knee on the belly, North South and Turtle
Actions are Guard subs, guard passes and guard sweeps.
It is not the perfect system to learn as no teaching system is perfect.

They all are pro and cons.
If you are interested in such write up.


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