Update on my treatment at the Hellerwork Structural Intergration

I completed 3 out of the 11 sessions.

So far so good.

I went in with a sore back and I no longer feel the pain.

He worked on different body parts and I could see physical difference right after the session.

The changes last as well.

In simple terms, it is a similar concept of the wheels alignment.

If something is out of alignment, it will cause pain somewhere else in your body.

Too many changes to quote but a few that are worth mentioning.

My shoulders are almost sitting at the same height.
Now, I am actually walking straight and my hips swigs in the normal manner.

Before that, I was walking like a duck and it locked my spine.
Breathing has improved as he re ajusted the thoracic cage.

He also worked on my shoulders that went sore after many years of sparring in BJJ.
Apparently, my shoulder blade rotation and hips were ok but he still worked on them.
My posture has improved and my head is sitting a little bit higher that I am used to.

I am actually forward to complete the 11 sessions.

But be aware that some of the sessions can be painful as he works on the soft connective tissue.
Nothing that I am not used to after years of training BJJ but I must admit I was about to tap out a couple of times. LOL

To conclude, I want to spend the rest of my life learning this art.

It is uncanny.



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