I see what you did there

I keep reading on social media like Facebook that some BJJ competitors went to some international
events of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Some of them happily claimed to represent their country etc..

But you do not represent your country as you register under your BJJ team name and not you country.

Do some people insinuate that they won some qualifiers in order to represent their country at some international event?

Is it just a Jedi mind trick?

What is next?

putting on your resume that you competed in some international event!

Is it good for the sponsors and BJJ competitors to develop an image on social medial in such manners?

Also. there is NO requirement to enter any BJJ events at national events or international events.

All you have to do is pay for your entry!

So you can pay your entry fee to the Pan Pacific IBJJF competition.

And you can buy your entry fee to the IBJJF World Cup.

You do not need to qualify to enter any events, APART the black belt adult division of the IBJJF world cup.

For this specific division you need to qualify by entering their events and score points through the year.

BUT it does not apply for their masters division which is not highly contested (one to two competitors in each masters brackets is common).

Why do I even blog about it?

Am I just getting too cynical in my older days?


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