At the last last GI Nationals, the club sponsored all our competitors (including our hybrid students that train with our sister club Auckland University Judo Club).

We refunded half the entries and we had 9 competitors.

"NZ Grappler’s 2015 NO GI REGIONALS AUCKLAND Tournament will be held Saturday 7th November 2015 at the North Shore Event Centre in North Shore Auckland. Both adults and kids will compete on the same day. Brackets will be run as double elimination, including Masters divisions! Early registration fee is $50 for kids, and $60 for adults. 1st place winners from the BJJ GI NATIONALS will receive $10 discount off this tournament registration if they apply promo code “winner” on their online registration."

We like to offer the same opportunity again.

The club will refund half the entry fee for the next NZ grappler Regional NOGI competition.

It will be a double eliminations with a master division as well.

For more details about the competition.



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