Training program for the rest of the year 2015

As you know by now, we like to follow a training program based on position and actions to ensure
that we cover our curriculum with effectiveness and efficiency.

This is the last cycle for the rest of 2015 year.

We would have covered each topic 4 times this year.

Hence, the mount topic was taught 4 times/4 weeks this year etc..

As usual, there is the traditional graduation held at Professor Douglas Santos Team HQ on the first weekend of December.

The graduation starts at 10 am sharp and please be on time.

You need to wear a white gi and a DS Team back patch.

Actually I need to sort out some back patches (screen prints as they are cheaper).

Then in the afternoon, we are being invited to a judo competition held by the University Auckland Judo Club.
It is also Sensei Rick Littlewood birthday: BBQ and beers from 2 pm.
While it is Judo rules, Rick said he will allow old school rules (leg grabs, more time on newaza).
I already recruited Joas Alberton as he is always keen for a Judo competition.

At the moment, I am contemplating closing the club between Xmas and New Year.

Lot of people are always keen to train through the holidays.

If we have many yes, we will stay open otherwise we all need to give our body a break.

Stu will be back at the beginning of November, we will release the names of the students to be graded to next belt.


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