Training Report: BJJ in Tahiti

This week, I had the pleasure of training at Prof Ruf Yu.

He teach BJJ out of a local primary school: Ecole taimoana primaire ( twice a week and also out of a Muy Thai school on 2 different nights.

I decided to attend the Wednesday BB class.

Just turned up at 5.20 pm and followed the students making their way to a classroom in one the building.

In the past trip to Tahiti, I always took my gi but never end up training.

So this time, I just took a rash guard and shorts just in case I wanted to train.

To my surprise, everyone was wearing gis.

So Ruf was kind enough to loan me a Gi jacket.

After the warm up, Ruf taught a technique to block a punch where you clinch and take you opponent to the ground.

He also added 2 variations: a hip throw and an outside leg trip.

It is great to see that they teach self defense.

I also noticed to Ruf teach a self defense class before BJJ (4.30 to 5.30).

I assume it is a curriculum based on BJJ (or more like the Gracie Jiu Jitsu).

Ruf asked me teach some techniques which I obliged.

My french was a bit rusty so I ended teaching in English.

Ruf is fluent in English and it seems that everyone understood my instructions.

I just taught some De La Riva guard.

Everyone were quick to learn and we ended going over a few variations as well.

Time to roll.

Ruf always indicates which position to roll from.

First was from the de la riva guard, closed guard, mount etc...

Couple of pictures and then I said my farewell until next time.

Ruf does not a website but you can contact him on facebook.


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