Training report: Guard pass

New drill for warm up: triangle and arm bar (nogi style inspired by Jose techniques from last week.

I think we will keep that those drills for 1 month.

Igor demonstrated a Ko Soto Gari which will be the throw of the month.

Then we did guard pass concept.

As usual, Serge explained his preference to breaking the guard standing.

Lot of students seems to prefer to use knee slice to complete the guard pass

Training concluded with lot of rolling. We usually finish at 8 pm on Tuesday after 1 hour of rolling. Thursday was similar (we roll for 45 minutes)
Not bad from a small class of 10 people.
We have a new member from Canada (Paul)
Tuesday is Gi and Thursday is NOGI
Next week topic is my favorite: Guard Sweep
I will you with a rant from Wilson

See you on the mats.


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