Training topic for the week: Guard Pass

I hope everyone had a relaxing labour weekend.

I think we will have new drills.

We have been doing snap down, arm drag and single leg for warm up for over a month.

I want to start drilling the topic of last week which was triangle and arm bar instead for warm up.

The topic of the week is guard pass.

It will be a very interesting Thursday because we will cover nogi guard pass.

I will also ask Igor to add to the class, he has some nice transitions and principles when he passes the guard compare to my slow pace.

It will be great to have him add to the class.

Otherwise, just the usual gi training on Tuesday when we finish at 8 pm.

My finger is still broken so I am not sure rolling I can do this week.

Also, I need the name of the competitors for Sat 7 Nov so I can plan my weekends.

It seems that there is not much interest in this nogi comp.

I am not too sure why.

Is it because it is too close from the last comp which was the National Gis?

Or are people not too keen in Nogi competition?

No big deal, it is the end of the year and people just want to relax.

Please note that the club will refund half your entry.

NZ grapler will have double elimination and a master division as well.

It will be held at the North shore.

Sign up now to get a discount.

Stu will be back on the 11 Nov.

See you on the mats.


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