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University/Epsom Judo Club Competition 2015

Stu is making a team for this event. If you want to enter, please tell Stu as there is only limited entries available. Everyone welcome (including other BJJ club) University/Epsom Judo Club Competition 2015. Date: December 5th, 1pm start University/Epsom Judo Club Competition 2015 Date: December 5th, 1pm start Categories: Under 19yrs Open 20-29yrs -81kg, +81kg 30-39yrs -81kg, +81kg 40-49yrs -81kg, +81kg 50-59yrs Open 60yrs + Open Kodokan rules Wazari up 3min Each category winner will receive a case of craft beer. Cost: $25 includes BBQ (the club will pay for our Auckland BJJ club members) Team fight: Teams of five – any age, weight, sex. Get in fast and register your team now.

Training report: Turtle position

Last turtle position topic for the year. Igor has been taking the warm up and drills for the week. Visitors from around the world made it an multi cultural week: UK, Philipines and Tahiti. Next week topic is Questions and Answers where the students ask questions. We also will host our graduation on Tuesday. See you on the mats.

Thursday nogi training

Mr Chen last training for the year. He is off on holidays for 2 months to China. Clint from Tahiti visited us. Patrick from the Philipines has his second training. The toppic for next week is questions and answers. Also open mats at city bjj as usual on Saturday from 10 am.

Training report: Half guard sweeps.

This is the last time we covered the topic of the half guard sweep topic for the year 2015. We did 4 weeks of top half guard and 4 weeks of bottom half guard through the year. It is 16 classes of half guard related topic and situational rolling. We decided to go out with a bang and teach what is sometimes considered as intermediate level techniques. Tuesday was deep half guard and Thursday was the lockdown. Then Saturday, we went to City BJJ open mats.

Auckland BJJ X mas

We will start a facebook event. Sunday 13 December. UFC fight will be on as well: Jose Also vs Connor McGregor Firewood pizzas. Bring partners and kids. Thank you for the support.

Open mats at City Kick Boxing

Every Saturdays, we will be attending open mats at City BJJ. They are also known at city kick boxing. The address is  14 West St,  Eden Terrace Auckland 1010 You will be able to find free car parks on Dacre Street which is on the other side of the building. Open mats starts from 10 am. They do lot of drills at the beginning of the open mats. It is a good opportunity to practice the moves you learn each week and test some new ones. They prefer Gi training unless a NOGI comp is coming up. See you on the mats.

Blenhein BJJ competition

 Prof Marcelo Lopes is promoting BJJ in South Island. A few pictures (from facebook) of the event he organised.

Lowkey MMA presents: Tikitapu - Tapout 3 - GI only Comp

BJJ competition in Rotorua. Saturday 20th February 2016 with Lowkey MMA.

Training report: Half guard pass

Last week, we covered the half guard topic. Tuesday was in Gi and Thursday was Nogi. Our usual warm up with the monthly drills. Situational rolling from half guard Takedown sparring and normal rolling.


When: Tuesday 1 December  2015 Where: our club Promoted to the next belt: Dom (NZ Grappler Gi Nationals bronze medalist, NZ Grappler Nogi Regionals silver medalist) Laurence (NZ Grappler Gi Nationals gold medalist) John ( masters competition silver medalist) Ben (NZ Grappler GI Nationals silver medalist) Igor (NZ Grappler gi Nationals gold medalist) We will start with a normal class format and will held the graduation at the end. Everyone is welcome. Especially the guys that are away due to injuries, this is your chance to come down.  If you want wear your gi, you even get to do the gaunlet.

New T shirt design

We decided to have a new logo for our 4th anniversary of our club which we started in November 2011. Fijian artist Tony Qumi designed this hammerhead shark with a tapa background. I have to find a t shirt printer for a quotation and then we will do pre orders. Great idea for xmas gift or just treat yourself.

Training report: Sweeps

We did 4 sweeps for this topic Hip bump sweep scissor sweep Pendulum sweep flower sweep


NZ grappler Nogi Regional results: Dom wins silver and Marc wins gold. 2 participants and 2 medals. The club refunded half of the fees for the competitors. Well done. Stu will be back from Japan this week and we will release the list for the graduation and the date for the event. While we would like to unwind down from a busy and successful year, it seems that there will be some changes coming up soon. It is very exciting and I believe it will benefit our club greatly. Now that the NZ grappler's competitions are over, we can still look forward to the Judo comp at Sensei Rick birthday party. We will take a roll call for the Judo competition and see if we need to concentrate on more stand up grappling (Tachiwaza). I will buy some boxing gloves and start a self defense program in Thursday night which is Nogi. This week topic is top half guard and half guard pass. See you on the mats.

Topic for the week: sweeps

Tuesday is gi and we roll until 8 pm.   Thursday is nogi.  Warm up drills are triangle and arm bar.  Last week for competition game plan.  See you on the mats. 

Ben Uy is now a Judo Black belt

Big congratulations to Ben.  He went to Japan and competed to earn his Judo black belt.  He trains at our sister club Auckland University Judo Club under Sensei Rick Littlewood.  They have a sponsorship program where they send their students to train and compete in Japan.  Check out their website: