Monday, 26 December 2016

Training Program for First semester 2017

Training Program for First semester 2017
Note 1: You can train Judo every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Tuesday 10 and Thursday 12 January

Guard subs
Reverse de La Riva

Tuesday 17 and Thursday 19 January

Guard pass
Shin to Shin guard

Tuesday  24 and Thursday 26 January

Guard sweep
Single X guard

Tuesday 31 January and Thursday 2 February

Top 1/2 guard
X guard

Tuesday 7 February and Thursday 9 February

Bottom 1/2 guard
Deep half guard

Tuesday 14 February and Thursday 16 February

50/50 guard

Tuesday 21 and Thursday 23 February

Questions and Answers
Reverse de La Riva

Tuesday 28 February and Thursday 2 March

Shin to Shin guard

Tuesday 7 March and Thursday 9 March

Deep half guard

Tuesday 14 March and Thursday 16 March

Side Control
50/50 guard

Tuesday 21 and Thursday 23 March

Knee on the belly
Competition Training

Tuesday 28 and Thursday 30 March

North South position
Competition Training

Saturday 1 April
NZ Grappler NO GI National Competition


Tuesday 04 April and Thursday 06 April

Guard Subs
De La Riva

Tuesday 11 April and 13 April

Guard pass
Lasso guard

Tuesday 18 and 20 April

Guard sweeps
Sit up guard

Tuesday 25 and 27 April

Top 1/2 guard
Spider Guard

Tuesday 02 May and Thursday 04 May

Bottom 1/2 guard 
X guard
Competition Training

Tuesday 09 and 11 May

Single X guard
Competition Training

Saturday 13 May

Tuesday 16 May and Thursday 18 May

Questions and Answers
Deep half guard

Tuesday 23 May and Thursday 25 May

50/50 guard

Thursday 30 May 

Deep half guard

Tuesday 6 June


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Congratulation on Francesco promotion

Fransceso has been training this year with us and went back back home to Italy.
Well done on your promotion.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Suggestion box

At the end of the year, you ask for feedback

and suggestions. Without members, we do not have a club. We would like to hear your ideas. For example, Glen wants less techniques taught in the beginner class and more time to repeat the techniques.

Topic for the next 2 weeks

Congrats to the blue belt graduates of December 2016

Robert goes to South Island

Robert was kind enough of sending me some pictures of his visits to Axis in Christchurch and the Carlson Gracie Academy in Queenstown.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Training repor: the turtle possition

This is the last position that we taught in our program.

The reason is turtle position is a weaker position compare to the other positions.

While it is convenient to turtle in order to give up a guard pass points which is 3 points, your opponent still scores an advantage.

Also, any "sweeps" from turtle is NOT a sweep. But it is a reversal as turtle is not considered a guard. You do NOT get 2 points for turle.

This week we covered, fundamentals of turtle, reversal from turtle, clock choke, banana split and back take from Turtle.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Topic for the week: turtle

Position of the week: turtle. Fundamentals, reversals, back take, submissions like clock choke, anaconda, darce choke. Pizzas are not included. You will have to come to our Xmas party on the 4 December for that. See you on the mats.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Training report: half guard sweep and blue belt exam training

Half guard is most probably the most under rated position on our teaching program.

While it give 2 points for a sweep and it is a good option of avoiding your guard pass.

It is the last position we teach before the turtle.

However, we still teach it 4 weeks per year.

At the same time, we split the class the class in a different manner.

Usually, we have beginners and advanced classes.

We are making an exception as Serge took the students that are grading to blue belts for a more private class to ensure that everything is fine tune just like a swiss watch.

Thank your for the support and see you on the mats.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Training report: Serge goes to Judo

Our sister club Auckland University Judo Club where we teach BJJ on Tuesday and Thursday has a class on Saturday at 11 am and finished around 12.30 pm.

Ben has been teaching the Saturday for the past 6 months and has program of techniques which he advertise and promote on his Facebook group.

The topic for today was exactly what I wanted to learn: Throw defense and a counter throw.

Ben also taught 4 grip breaking techniques which exactly what I need.

He continued the class with 3 chokes as well.

For sparring,we started from Ne Waza which I think is good instead of doing Tachi Waza first.

To be honest I felt a bit bad that I wore my BJJ gi which terribly tight fitting and unfair compare the Judo gi that others wore (which are more baggy).

Maybe I will borrow one from Stu or buy one.

Overall, a bunch of good guys and excellent teaching.

I shall go back.

Judo class are free for the Auckland BJJ students otherwise just check out their website for more information.

Training report: half guard pass

The half guard position is the position we spent the most time teaching during the year.

We teach top half guard for 4 weeks and another 4 weeks of bottom half guard through the year.

It is a total of 8 weeks.

This week is top half guard also known as guard passes.

Question: why do we teach half guard pass first?

Answer: Because it is 3 points and half guard sweep is only 2 points.

Our graduation is on Tuesday 6 December during our normal class.

We do not have to fly an overseas instructor to promote our students or run expansive seminars along with our graduation.

We will be grading 4 blue belts (including our first female blue belt).

The grading fee is $50 which include a certificate and a blue belt.

The fees will go into our funds for our club x mas party which will be held on Sunday 4 December.

Also, we are still looking to complete our team of 5 competitors to attend Sensei Rick Littlewood Judo Inter Club / birthday bash- BBQ.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The club is now 5 years old

We started in 8/11/2016.
Look out for the big change next year.
Thank you for the support.

Congrats to Mr Chen

Mr Chen has received his 4th stripes on his blue belt. He is 52 years old and never miss a class. Well done.

Friday, 4 November 2016


Francesco is going back to Italy for work.

We have now an opening to take a new white belt.

Send us an email or just turn up for training.

Safe travel and best luck on your new job Francesco.

Training report: Sweep

This week, we covered sweeps for the last time for the year.

It scores 2 points if you complete the sweep and control the person on top.

Our usual gi training on Tuesday which seems a lot more popular than Nogi class on Thursday.

It could be a sign that our club members are more interested in training GI or they have better things to do a Thursday.

You cannot teach heart

At Auckland BJJ, we do not like to talk about injuries that happens during training.

We understand that it will happen on occasions as it is a contact sport.

My hat to Luiz that end up up in the E.R on Tuesday night after dislocating his finger.

Lucky it was just a dislocation and not a fracture.

Luiz was back on Thursday night watching training.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Professor Stuart Mitchell at IBJJF Melbourne

Bjj coach his club hoddie

After travelling by plane for 4 hours, BJJ coach went to scout the first day of the ibjjf event.
After seeing an abundant numbers of people wearing their club hoodie, coach realise that he forgot his own club hoodie.
However, problem solved as he just bought a hoodie with patches in hope to blend in.

Bjj black belt almost dies

Every year, dozen of black belts migrate to the ibjjf Melbourne to compete in the master division. This year, a black belt almost died while trying to cut weight in the sauna for his uncontested gold medal.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Training report: North South Position

Check out this great post I did on the north south choke

Quick Contemplation

Just got 20 minutes to blog about BJJ and club life.

This year has been full on with my new job and I have not been blogging as much I would like.

I am off to Melbourne to do the IBJJF referee seminar to order to complete my IBJJF requirement for my first degree black belt qualification.

Stu will also attend and compete in gi and nogi.

This year has been great with lot of competition and having new students in the club.

It is a bit of an anti climax with not having a nogi regional held in Auckland which was the reason why we started training nogi so early and held a nogi inter club with our friends at Atos Auckland.

But the number of members on the Thursday nogi class is decreasing so I am considering switching back to GI on Thursday.

It is alright and now we can easily wind down for the year.

So usually, our graduation is held on the first Tuesday of December and the club party is held on the first Sunday of December.

Nothing really big.

As you know, I do not like wasting an entire class for graduation and we still have a roll after graduation.

Usually, the Judo club (our sister club) has their inter club Judo competition on the first Saturday of December as well.

Depending on everyone calendar, we might try to have a inter club gi event on the last Saturday of November. Location to be discussed.

I have a link on the NZ grappler competition for next year so here comes a couple of tips if you want to compete next year.

Be on weight.
Do NOT try to diet on the last week.

Drill techniques and create a game plan.
How to do you do that?

Ask me and I will tell you what you are good at and we will work from there.

Also, learn the name of the techniques, if you want to develop a competition game plan, take the time to learn the name of the techniques.
They are not hard to remember as they are mostly in English.

Try to roll with people of similar weight and skills.
Of course, it is difficult as we have a small club but as you could closer to a competition.
Stop hogging the mats in order to keep rolling.
Have a break and roll with someone of similar skills.

Come down to open mats on Saturday.
I know everyone is busy but getting out of your comfort zone and rolling with new people is a great way to improve and make new friends.

Learn the rules. I know it is boring but if you play a sport, you need to learn the rules

Also next year will bring changes.

We could be looking at a new location which means we might lose some students but gain more as the new site would cater for 85 mats instead of 55 mats.

As you know, we have been restricting new intake to insure quality of teaching and safety on the mats.

Having a bigger space could mean we can increase our membership to a bigger numbers.

More to follow.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Training report: Knee on the belly

We covered knee on the belly of the last time this year.

Gi version on Tuesday and NOGI version on Thursday.

I taught the arm bar from knee on belly (the far and near side arm bar) and the baseball choke with the lapel.

Stu kept teaching techniques learned the buchecha seminar on Tuesday to the blue belts.

Tuesday night was full with over 22 people on the mats while NOGI Thursday only had 10 people!

Open mats at Atos Auckland was pretty busy as well with over 22 people on the mats.

This week topic will be North South.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Open mats

See you tomorrow at Atos Auckland from 10 am. Always good to roll with friends. See you on the mats.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Training report: SideControl

Side control also known as the 100 kilo position is one the best position to achieve and it is vital to learn how to counter it.

Serge taught the principles of side control (retention, escapes and submissions). We covered the topic
on Gi and NOGI options and also did situational rolling.

While Stu taught the advanced students. He diffused the techniques that he learned from Buchecha.

Good luck to Ben and Wez who are competing at the king of the north

Next week topic is Knee on the belly

Friday, 30 September 2016

One more training for the week

See you at open mats at Atos Auckland from 10 am on Saturday. Have a good weekend.