Where to buy nogi uniforms?

At our club. we will never have a compulsory uniform: gi or nogi.

However, I noticed that lot of people are still wearing random shorts and t shirts to train nogi.

While it is understandable for your first couple of weeks, you might want to start invest in some good gear for the long term.

A rash guard is a must.

I even wear under my gi.

You do not have to buy a rash designed for grappling but they are better for such activities.

I buy my rash guards from Auckland Martial Arts Supplies and MMA addicts.



Please note that some competitions will require you to wear no gi ibjjf approved rash guard.

Like the NZ grappler Nationals NOGI competition 2015 required competitors to wear a colored rash guard according to their belt level.

For shorts, just buy a MMA shorts.
But beware of the flashy colors if you plan to compete.
Again for competitions, you will be required to wear black shorts if they follow IBJJF uniforms rules.

For nogi training at the club, you can just wear your gi pants instead if you do not have a grappling shorts.


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