BJJ etiquette

  • When you enter the mats, shake the hands of everyone.
  • We run a pretty relax dojo, we understand if you come late to training. Just enter the mats and get changed quickly.
  • You do not need to ask permission to enter or leave the mats.
  • Please do not talk loudly during the technical lesson as the instructor needs everyone attention
  • Try to keep the chit chat to a minimum especially during rolling.
  • Give time for your training partners to tap
  • In case, you train with a beginner and he/she does not tap to a submission, just release as it could be dangerous and they do not know any better.
  • No shoes on the mats
  • your shoes should be facing the street and not the dojo.
  • no water bottles inside the dojo and the changing room.
  • Please dispose of your fingers tapes in the rubbish bin.
  • The beginners have to be on cleaning duties (empty rubbish bin, sweep, mop etc.)
  • Wash your gi all the time. Trim your nails, brush your teeth if you have bad breath.
  • Do not brag or celebrate when submitting someone at training.
  • Try to use the techniques of the day instead of your A game all the time
  • Try to use more techniques than only strength
  • Use the flip flops when using the toilets.
  • No mandatory uniform. You can wear any color BJJ gi but if you plan to train Judo as well. I understand they prefer white gi. 
  • No cursing on the mats.
  • When sparring, be aware of others training around you. If you get too close of higher belts, you need to gave them way.
  • Please always wear your gi jacket during training. After training, please try to wear a t shirt. No bare back as we have ladies training at the dojo.
  • If you are going to miss training a long period of time, please tell the instructor. You have a waiting list and we could end giving up your spot by error (thinking than you are not planning to come back).

This is all I can thing the moment. I might have to add some more later on.

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