Training report: Serge goes to Judo training

I want to learn Judo and will alternate between attending the beginner Judo class on Saturday that are
taught by Judo black belt Ben Uy and BJJ open mats held at city bjj.

Ben has 15 week program to introduce students to Judo. 

Each topic will be repeated 3 times per year and I will blog about this unique blue print later on.

It consisted of throws and ground techniques.

We did a couple of rounds of newaza and the rest was tachiwaza.

I gassed out on the Tachiwaza which means I need more takedown sparring.

Facts of the day: not wearing a rash under the gi is weird and the higher belts have to face the road when bowing before sparring (maybe a tradition we could start at AKLBJJ.

Overall, I really enjoyed getting thrown around by sparring partners that were smaller than me.

Check out for more details.

Some of the techniques that Ben taught today: 


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