Training report: Turtle

This week, we cover the topic of the turtle position.

The warm up drills were technical stand up, half guard pass and half guard sweep.

As Stu is in Japan for one month, Igor and Serge shared the teaching responsibilities.

Throw of the month is hip throw.

Some of the techniques taught for the week topic were reversal from turtle, clock choke, bow and arrow choke from turtle, hell choke, back take from turtle.

We had over 20 students during the class so we had to to only 12 people rolling at once.

Next week the topic is Questions and Answers. 

We will also cover competitions rules for the NZ grappler competition.

Also, we closed our new intake of new students as we currently are full and need to concentrate on the existing students and ensure safety on the mats as well.

Thanks you for the support


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