Training Report: Guard pass and Sit up guard

Drills for warm up:
arm bar
back control retention
guard break standing

Throw of the week:
grip fighting for beginners
Ko Uchi gari (taught by Judo brown belt Garth)

Stu taught guard pass and some subs to the beginner.
I taught sit up guard which is a follow up from de la riva topic from last week.

On Friday, we received the T shirts from the
Very happy with the products and looking forward to the patches which are coming on Monday.
I know that some of the club members missed out on the first edition.
Due to finance, I only ordered 20 t shirts.
But if anyone wants one, please let know and we will get another asap.

On Saturday, Stu went to Hamilton to coach Adam and James at the National Submission Only Nogi National organised by CORE MMA.

I was too tired to train on Saturday but as usual you have 2 options:
open mats at city bjj from 10.30 am or Judo with Ben from 11 am at Epsom

Have a good weekend.


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