Auckland BJJ Masters 2016 Results

Sorry this is a bit late but here are the confirmed results from the 2016 Masters

I hope everyone who entered had a great day!

We will like to thanks everyone that supported this event.

Especially the old boys that traveled from Napier.

See you at our event next year.

U60 Blue
1stMr Chen (ABJJ)
U50 Blue
1stSteve Suddens (Tukaha)
2ndJohn Turner (ABJJ)
U40 Blue Heavy
1stDamon Kosidis (ABJJ)
2ndVitali Alelulev (Uni Judo)
3rdBen Teague (Tukaha)
U40 Blue Light
1stSteve Suddens (Tukaha)
2ndJames Maccombe (Uni Judo)
U50 White
1stHeemi Brown (City BJJ)
2ndAdam Cavanagh (Zero Gravity)
U40 Heavy
1stDwain Hindriksen (Uni Judo)
2ndCy Unverricht (Allegiance BJJ)
3rdMathieu Morin (Tukaha)
U40 White Light
1stLeandro Coutinho (DS Team)
2ndJoe Gallacher (Zero Gravity)


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