Training Report: Triangle defense and Knee on the belly

After the Regional Competition last Saturday, it was important to address some of the mistakes that
the competitors did.

We worked on cross choke defense, Knee on the belly and Triangle defense.

On Thursday, we finish the class at 7.45 pm so the competitors could do some speed drills.

The moral is very high after the comp and I can see that the competitors are still hungry for more competition.

So we have the National gi competition on the 06 August, it gives us 12 weeks to prepare.

I think I will trim down the content of the classes and concentrate more on repetition: less is more.

Also I need to talk to city BJJ to see if they want to host an friendly competition next month for our competitors to fine tune their game plan but also for students that want to try out to compete in a more friendly and smaller event.

Otherwise, keep training. Next 2 weeks topic is half guard.

See you on the mats.


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