Graduation day: Tuesday 5 July

We traditionally have 2 graduations per year.

We do not have like to waste time.

Our graduation is very quick as we do not want to sacrifice an entire training session.

So the students just get to demonstrate a couple of techniques.

It is not a test as it is just an occasion for them to shine and show their skills.

Then we will just roll as usual.

No gaunlet for the kids.

I am super happy to see students moving up the ranks and hope later on that they will good ambassador of the martial art and sport.

Now our standards are very simple.

For adults, 6 months training equals a stripe.
After 4 stripes which is the maximum, then you are due for the next belt.

So 2.5 years per belt.

10 years to black belt.

Of course, they are exceptions to the rules.

I think the blue belt is less than 2.5 years by looking at our average.

You hear horrible stories about some schools delaying promotions for many reasons.
Not sure if it is a good thing or it proves that their teaching and training program might need some revamping.

Anyway, don't loose sleep over it.

We surely do not.

We buy our belts and Gi from Auckland Martial Arts Supplies.

Check them out as they have good quality entry level BJJ GI at a good price of $120.

The gis have contract stitching, bungy ropes and padded cotton pants (not that nasty rip stock pants).


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