Training report: Mount

It is the most dominant position in BJJ and rewarded by 4 points in sport rules.

It is also the first topic of our 12 week program.

Serge taught the fundamentals of the mount position.

Also taught 2 mount escapes.

On Thursday, we continued on the same techniques and Dom demonstrated the S mount with a nice drill of arm bar and S mount retention to triangle.

The advantage of having a 15 years old student to demonstrate the S mount is it encourages the adults to learn such moves which could be considered difficult or more advance if taught by a black belt.

Situation rolling from the mount as usual. We are big on situational rolling as it is important to pratice the topic of the week.

Now on the other side of the mats, Igor led the blue belts into drilling their techniques.
It is important to let advanced students drills their techniques.
As an instructor, I feel that teaching less is MORE.

Trust your advanced students and give them time to drill their techniques INSTEAD of always trying to add more and more information. 
It becomes information overload and I am guilty of dragging the techniques section to another 10 minutes.

The truth is no one remembers more that 1-2 moves per class.

On Saturday, we went to open mats at city bjj.

Excited to see posters and list of competitors on the white board for next week inaugural inter club event: City BJJ versus Auckland BJJ.

It is a great way to try your skills at competition in a friendly environment.

If you do not want to compete, come down and support your team mates.

So inter club is at city bjj from 10 am on Saturday 2 July.

Graduation is on Tuesday 5 July at the Epsom Dojo.


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