Training report: Back

This is probably the tricky topic of our program.

The reason is because I do not have a solid back escape techniques.

Just like chess, there is a counter to any BJJ techniques and it is blatant when you teach the back escape.

So I resigned myself to teach the 2 hand on one hand escape which seems to work in the UFC and is simple.

Also, I conclude by teaching the alternative back escape that is made popular by Saulo Ribeiro Book and which Stu enjoys doing. It is about sliding into a deep half guard.

Otherwise, I taught 5 submissions from the back.

Saturday was our inaugural inter club versus City BJJ.

It was great event with double elimination rounds and even an open weight division.

Great way to prepare for the NZG National gi competition.

We will invite City BJJ to our dojo for the next inter club and maybe invite another club.

This week topic is side control.

But we also have graduation on Tuesday.

Start working your cardio for the Nationals comp.

See you on the mats.


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