Training report: Guard submissions and competition training

Tuesday was fun with a little fitness test.

Serge taught spider guard to the advanced students while Stu taught guard submissions to the beginners.

Thursday we took it down a notch and did some flow rolls instead of warm/up - drills.

The competitors drilled their game plan under Stu supervision, while Serge taught continued on the topic of guard submissions.

Also Stu taught a Judo foot sweep technique.

Do not forget to enroll for the NZ grappler event.

The club will refund you half of your entry fee.

Also, there is a $100 winning prize for whoever wins by submissions at the National Competition Price money will be split if you have the same amount of submissions.

Tomorrow is Saturday. Training at city BJJ for open mats or Judo in Epsom.

Come down and support our hybrid students that will competing at the Auckland Judo Open.

Next week topic is guard pass.

Have a good weekend and thank you for the support.


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