Training report: Side Control

Busy week as we had our graduation and also taught the topic of the week.

Dwain and Wez graduated to blue belt. Dom graduated to orange belt and our new 14 years member Jordan graduated to yellow belt

Side Control is a fundamental position in order to understand to established the guard pass.

Stu is back from Japan so he also taught Ippon Seo Nage.

Serge taught side control escapes and some submission from side control.

Situational rolling from side control, Tachiwaza and normal rolling

next week topic is knee on the belly.

On Saturday, we attend the Judo class taught by Ben from 11 pm at the Epsom Dojo

Or you can attend the open mats at city bjj from 10 am

  • 8 West Street, Newton,
  • Auckland, 1010 

See you on the mats and thank you for the support.


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