Interclub Nogi Competition is confirmed: Saturday 24 September

In order to prepare for the NZ grappler Nogi regional, we will run another interclub nogi with City


It is a great way to test your game plan and for beginners to try competing in a friendly and relax environment.

It is Nogi but we still follow IBJJ rules.


City BJJ

Date: Saturday 24 September

Time: 10 am

Cost: Free but we will be taking a voluntary donation for SPCA.

At the last event, we ran a double elimination repechage and an open weight category as well.

Weight category: we just run a 10 kilos weight categories: under 60, under 70, under 80 etc...

I would approach couple of more clubs to see if they are keen to enter.

If you want to enter your club, please send us an email and see if we a spot for you.

Each club would need to provide one official and one referee.


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