Yesterday, a BJJ gear shop asked me permissions to advertise their products on our FB group.

I just explained that we are not a professional club and reply to not spam us.

It made me think about how the policies of the other FB group so I went to have a look around.

To my surprise, I find one group that would NOT let BJJ gear shop promote their gears BUT they let professional BJJ instructor advertise their services/seminars every time they choose to fly in "the flavor of the month BJJ (enter a number) world champion".

So the question is simple?

Why let one professional promote their business where they surely make a profit of running a seminar but no let the other professional promote their business because it happens to be a GI or a belt product!

Is it because someone is flying from overseas?

But why not allowing the local instructors advertise their service then!

If you want to read more about the seminar scene in NZ


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